My Pain! Our Pain! By Taichi

When is it? Then it is

We’re tired and sick, of piss and shit

What is the cause of the uproar?
All hope forced to silently withdraw
Calls and demands claimed undertaken
Wants and wishes covertly forsaken
“Your pain is our concern” *EL-OH-EL!*😩 What a travesty!
Well-played with modesty; overwhelmed by dishonesty
Alas! In the shadows we’re left to wonder and hope
With atrophied arms, we hang-on to a weak rope
Awaiting which to snap at first
Awaiting the fluid that quenches our thirst


IF WE WERE ME By Love Whiteman and Taichi

If we were me, the world will be filled with people who are ready to accept their imperfections,  we’ll all be beautiful and  we’ll strive to make our world a better place.
On a lighter note, If we were me, the word ‘fat’ wouldn’t exist, we’ll all be light skinned, and  we’ll have one tribe(Igbo) and one country(Nigeria).
If we were me, no one will be older neither will anyone be younger because we’ll all be of the same age. But I’m happy we are not me because, if we were me, we’ll all be females and I wonder how we’ll have kids. If we were me, I’ll lose my uniqueness, because we’ll think alike and have no one to correct us when we make mistakes.
#wecantbeme!           – Nwokocha Love
If we were me, the world woud have been free. free from hatred, jealousy and greed. all faces glowing with glee
If we were me, what would our fate be? For d same goal, we’ll seek. for d same girl, we compete same strengths, same limitations. The world would have been in commotion.              – Lawal Taoheed