If we were me By Obatayo Funke

If we were me, we would love our friends and won’t want to be far from them but if they are far from us, we won’t be bored/lonely. Even if they are not there to play the ludo, chess or scrabble with us, we would play all by ourselves, our right hands will be player 1, our left hands will be player 2. IFWEWEREJUSTME, we would be happy for no reason, things will rarely bother us, even if we have a reason to be sad, we would plug our ears and bury our minds into excellent songs till our sorrow fade away. BUTIFWEWEREME we could be weird, we could go cracker, do some crazy stuffs in a bid to find a voice and then we would leave people wondering why we’ve gone madder. But really, we aren’t mad! we only wanna be the me we really wanna be.


If we were me by Iyiola Michael

At first, when i was asked to write about “if we were me”, a thousand thoughts raced through my mind. Just the prospect of everyone being me alone excited me. But I have had some time to reflect on this and i’ve viewed some points and realised that the world would be fucked up beyond recognition if we were me. It wouldnt be perfect because I know myself and i don’t enjoy the prospect of having 7 billion me’s. It would be uttely chaotic. The world would literally implode. Who would look after the nuclear warheads and missiles. I’m a clumsy person and I’m always finds ways to entertain my self. I could mistakenly slip and destroy the world. lol. No one would go to work because the workday would start at 2pm and end at 4pm. I would be bored out of my mind. Whose music would i listen to? And wouldn’t it be confusing to watch a movie? Since the entire cast would look the same. Thus proving my earlier point the world would be fucked up. On the bright side, at least there wouln’t be shortage of books and cool people. And no girls? That’s both liberating and horribl. Dare i go on? So, in summary, if we were me, the world would be doomed. And boring. And social media wouldn’t make any sense because u know….

If We Were Me

Another insiring #ifwewereme by “Look, Dahling“. 😉

Look, Dahling...

If we were me, we would cut our toenails

as needed and not a week later.

This would be considered common curtesy.

We would prize efficiency above fury.

If we were me, we would all carry old hearts,

quietly, inside ourselves– ancestors, lovers, mentors–

to remind us who we want to be.

If we were me, there would be more sarcasm, dark humor, and head shaking.

Hyperbolic enthusiasm for that which is standard would be considered poor manners.

Reluctance would win over revelation, for the protection of the innocent.

There would be much less talking and much more writing.

If we were me,”okay” would be said too often.

Nothing would be said, also too often.

If we were me, we would wish to fight our battles for justice soberly,

in ways that honor our dignity and the dignity of our neighbors.

If we were me, about half our thoughts would be critical of society,


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if we were me (if the royal we were me) by Kstanly ksays

This is a beautiful and slightly altered “ifwewereme” by kStanly kSays. Check out his blog “Kstanlyksays“. Its great 😉

Here’s his “if we were me” called “if the royal we were me


if the royal we is really i could the royal i be the loyal we? only if i were to marry me but i’m not into bigamy, and i wouldn’t want to spoil me especially the royal we ζ ζ ~~~~~~~~~~…

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If we were me compilation (2)

  • If we were me, we could listen to each other’s story as keenly as we tell our stories to others. We could sit  all the day long on a boulder beside a brook and praise the wonders the nature made for us. We could spare some time at least to talk to ourselves and introspect.  – Shaijia chaurasia
  • Nobody will have two wives, and every man will love their woman like their life. On second thoughts, the population of women exceeds men, so many women will be unmarried. Thank God we were not all me. – Philip abolanle
  • There’s never going to be hullabaloo. In others, faults are gonna be hard to see. Love is gonna be all around…   – Faleke Glory Adebayo
  • We’d always care for the less privileged who has nothing to payback…  Blessed Darlington
  • No one can be like me, absolutely no one.  –  Femi Olujobi
  • We wouldn’t hate on each other and also not tight the world to our chest *in Frank Donga’s voice*  – Salami Oluwatobi
  • Then the world will be a canvas and my fingers the brushes,splashing colours everywhere,design will be our only manna. –   Oluwatosin olonite
  • There won’t be discrimination between THE SHORT and THE TAll, because everybody will be of the same height.   Adebayo Owanike
  • We’d apologize to anyone we’d hurt… – Oseghale jullita
  • If we were me, we would be in love so much that hate doesnt exist irreapective of our gender,race,colour and sexual orientation. If we were me, the devil would be soo bored since he has no one to torment,opress,take advantage of and make a scape goat. If we were me, we would all laugh at our jokes, help the less priviledged and make sure every secondary school child geets one meal per day. We would all love leo messi because i would be him. – Adë
  • If we were me, the world would be AWESOME. We’d only be serious enough to get the task done. We’d only take goofy selfies and good looks would have no meaning. We’d all be equally good looking and it would lose its meaning. 6ft would be average height and “weird” would be normal. If we were me, there’d be no fear, no limits and no intimidation. We’d encourage each other about our potential and about faith in Christ. – Daleom
  • If we were me, the entire world would be so amazing, we’ll take pictures and have massive fun, there’ll be no chickens alive because we’ll eat em all. Football would not exist because we would think its unnecessary. And video blogs would rule the world. We’ll watch cartoons all day and run movie writers out of business. Our life would be a totally amazing big ball of explosive amazing wonderful fun. – Miss Chicken


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If we were me: Abolanle Philip, Olatoye Seun

If we were me, Even in the worst conditions, we would still create some humour and find ways of laughing off the stress and sorrows.
We will be serious with our work yet life will not be boring for anyone.
We will all find ways to make other people smile or even laugh out loud with our words
There will be no parties for weekends. Nobody will have time to be doing “owambe”. No night parties or disco clubs will exist in the world at all.
And the few ceremonies that will hold will be relatively quiet. There will be no loud musics or blaring loudspeakers. Food will be served under peaceful and serene atmospheres.
I know some people are already thanking God they are not me
The world may not be full of big buildings, mansions, etc. There may not be many monuments and “unnecessary” buildings like OAU new Senate building. 
However, there will be food everywhere. Believe me, it will be very scarce to have hungry people in the world.
People may not be wearing expensive dresses or living in magnificent houses, but they will be well fed.
Men will stay a lot at home with their wife and kids than going out to keep purposeless company with non-visionary friends. 
Children will learn scriptural and life principles directly from their parents. 
Men will be actively involved in kitchen activities, in fact, women will rest and watch tv on some occasions while the man cooks.
Both male and female children will learn how to cook.
Believe me, children will enjoy being at home                               -Abolanle Philip
If we were me, we’d all be loners
we’d all be introverts
we’d all stay out of each others way only providing help when necessary
we’d all be hooked up in a room surrounded with cool music books and unlimited internet access
we’d learn to live our lives independent of love
we’d all learn to respect every human being understanding that it isn’t a form of weakness
we’d respect the intelligence of everyone, not taking advantage of the ignorant
people would be jailed for laying insults on others
we’d always try to understand
we’d love to travel around the would
we’d all be pragmatics
we’d all make a not so romantic partner but still end up being loved anyway
There’d be no religion or politics.. Just equity and equality
there’d no god, gods or God, no dual existence, no relativity.. Just Love.
                  –  Olatoye Oluwaseun Michael

IF WE WERE ME By Deelaprof

Why can’t all humans be me? Am I not the greatest of the least among _Homo sapiens_ ? Well, all beings cannot just be me, simply put.
That brings to fore, if we (humans) were me. *thoughtful*
What could have happened were all men me? First, equality will be not be substantiated from equity. All humans shall have opportunities to the easentials and basic needs of life; food, clothing, housing…
If we were me, every individual shall undergo leadership training and integrity test in a bid to exterminate the ugly monster called _corruption_ that destabilizes our economy, plague our world and of course turned us to who/what we are now.
If we were me, parenting shall be a course every prospective couple should undertake. Sex Education shall be entrenched in our academic curricula from primary school under the programme tagged ” _teach them young & make them useful & youthful_ ”
I cannot overemphasize how sweet, peaceful and progressive the world would be should all humans were me but alas! I am just me!! And you, you👈
The world will be so filled with melancholic me, if we were me. Buh must the choleric, sanguine and phlegmatics not exist??? I pray not!
Oooooooops! It almost skipped my mind to add that if we were me, every individual who uses the social networks must as a matter of necessity type correct spellings and not annoying things like: Lol, bhet, jez, Lmao, lwkmd, wee, wht, dat, wen… the list goes on…

If we were me By Akintemi Emmanuel Olufemi

Everyone has different ideas of what the world would be like if everyone were like them. Here’s my perspective on this subject. Mind you, this only and explanation of my perspective. I don’t expect everyone to buy my idea about life because truth be told, not everyone can be like me. Obviously there’s no hundred percent possibility for everyone to be the same way, but here is how the world would be like if everyone were me. Enjoy!
If we were me, we would be melancholy  – introverts, intelligent, shy and productive.

Dr. Tim LaHaye said: “Actually, they are the richest of all temperaments; for they are the analytical, self-sacrificing, gifted and perfectionist type, with a very sensitive emotional nature. As a general rule, no other temperament has a higher IQ or more creative than a melancholy, and no one else is as capable of such high-quality ‘perfect’ work”.

Now imagine how wonderful life would be if everyone had such attributes. That means there’ll be no outgoing, noisy and lousy extroverts; everyone would be calm, creative, very talented and less troublesome. Therefore, if everyone were me, there would be just little or no need for courts and prisons, because melancholies are faithful friends without difficulty obeying the law. Even when we are offended, unlike the sanguines and cholerics, who will burst into anger, we will rather take it with equanimity.

If were me, we would all be strict with our values and remain unbendable with the truth. In our present age, the truth is not being held in high esteem; but I choose to stand out. If every trader were me, then all buyers are sure to buy the right quantities at the right prices. If every teacher and head of every educational organization were me, then there would be fairness in both admitting and grading every student. If every law enforcing agents (like lawyers, judges, policemen and custom officers) were me, then there would be plainness and fair justice for all. The guilty would be declared guilty and the innocent would be discharged and acquitted. If every politician were me, then every single manifesto would be fulfilled with no iota of deceit. If everyone stands by the truth, there would be nothing like corruption or fraud. If everyone were me, we would all be people of integrity, virtue and moral principles, with complete absence of depravity, wickedness and bribery. If every single person in the world were like this, then obviously, the world would be a “fraud-free” place.

More so, if we were me, we would all hate the state of ignorance and obliviousness. I’m a proud seeker of knowledge and information. To be uninformed is to be deformed. Ignorance is one of the greatest problems of the world. I always love to seek knowledge and gain understanding in every area of life. I hate to be unaware of important facts about life in general. If all youths were me, no one would embark on any project without being well informed and prepared for it. That means no youth would go into illicit relationships unprepared. Many youths don’t know jack about love, yet they rush into relationships that would go haywire in a short time. They haven’t read books about marriage, and they aren’t emotionally and financially mature for it. Little wonder they fail after several attempts and this affects their productivity in other areas. Personally, I’m a voracious reader; I love to gain knowledge from books and seek counsel from mentors. Therefore if everyone were me, we would all be informed; thereby combating every form of ignorance.
Furthermore, if we were me, we would all be possessed with the spirit of diligence and hard work. As a person, I hate laziness and idleness; rather I always love to be busy developing myself. Unfortunately, the world is full of idle, lazy and jobless people who expect jobs to come looking for them. Graduates sit at home waiting for big companies to employ them when they could startup something small before getting a “white-collar job”. Students sleep all night and expect to have A’s in all their subjects in school. If everyone were me, this would not be.
For instance, my school was recently shut down due to some misunderstanding in the administrative unit. We have been home for about four months now. If we ask all students what they have gained or achieved during these past four months, we may hardly see 40% who would say something worthwhile. Most students just eat, sleep and watch movies. Is that how we would become leaders of tomorrow? As for me, though my parents wouldn’t allow me go out to explore the world now, I had to stay at home; but at that, I still sought means to add value to my life. I got PDF books from the internet on agriculture (my course of study), on graphic designing, marriage and some spiritual books. I even got a new guitar (I’ve always wanted to learn to play the acoustic guitar), and by watching and practicing along with some online videos I got on Youtube, I could do a whole lot on my guitar within the space of one month.
If everyone were diligent and busy, there would be no beggars on the street. Though there would be time for relaxation and fun, but no one would spend ample time doing nothing. Therefore if everyone were me, there would be no single jobless individual on earth. With that, won’t the world be a great place to stay?
In addition, there’s this short point I’ll like to add which will serve as my penultimate point.
If we were me, we would all live right. I live life as a place of reward where all deeds would be rewarded; either good or bad. Most people live life as though no one cares about the decisions they make. Most people engage in several inhuman activities, thinking that they would go away with it. If everyone were me, there would be no kidnappers, armed robbers, internet fraudsters and hire-killers; because everyone would long to do right. If these people were me, they would see a future heaven where punishments await them; they’ll stop and start doing something worthwhile.
Finally, if everyone were me, we would one way or the other be agriculturists. I know that sounds crazy and ridiculous, but believe me, its possible for everyone to be agriculturists without interfering with our various careers. I so much cherish what we eat; so I put in efforts to make feeding for people easier by practicing peasant agriculture which is the surest means of providing food. Food scarcity would reduce if everyone has his “small farm”; global warming would also decline. If all presidents were me, agriculture would be one of my top priorities, because it would increase food availability and elevate the country’s economy through foreign exchange. Therefore there would be nothing like famine or recession.
Imagine how beautiful the world would be if there are trees and plants all around! The world would surely be a beautiful place.
Conclusively, if everyone were me – melancholic, strict with the truth, seeker of knowledge, possessed with the spirit of diligence, living right, and “mini-agriculturists”, the world would be a great place to be. There would be fewer problems, more productivity, better relationship with fellow countrymen, and most importantly, a better future in the afterworld. Thank you

IF WE WERE ME By Tobalase Akinyemi

If we were me…We would be peaceful and eccentric. We would not care so much for the physical company of each other yet share a sense of unity. We’be alone together. We’d hate the feeling of the sun against our skin and only step out of our houses in daytime once a week to remind ourselves what the outside world looks like. That world would be filled with less busy streets in the day and nobody would want or need to drive cars.
There would probably be driverless cars. We would not know how to ride bicycles. We’d roam the streets freely at night because there will be nothing to fear. Night will be day. We’d not be really choosy about what to eat and Garri in all its forms will be common but classy cuisine. We’d be stuck on internet-powered computers almost all day long and almost never see movies. We’d listen to apparently weird music sung in languages we can’t converse in. Movie scriptwriters would write books instead. We’d read each other’s blogs before we turn to snapchat to view those ephemeral snaps.
We’d write. We’d act tough and be icy on the outside.W e’d forget about the momentary ecstacies and focus on the whole of our lifetimes being meaningful. Not necessarily exciting, joyous or lovely but meaningful. We’d think pictures only serve to induce nostalgia and just avoid appearing in them. We’d not have to deal with the fact that silly people exist beacuse we’d be me. We’d not give a sashaying s**t about who’s Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist because we are all human. We might strongly consider being Buddhist at some point in our lives.
We’d not pass derogatory remarks just because we don’t understand/know what it is one of us is talking about. “It’s complicated/hard/difficult” would be an invalid statement because nothing is too hard to understand or figure out when you have time. We’d be scared to love head over heels for fear of being broken. We’d be black. We’d be free. We’d be stubborn. We’d love subtly yet passionately.NWe’d see and appreciate the art in everything there is. We’d be me.