Within all man, there’s a desire, to push through the pain and not burn as we walk through the fire,see, though we know there’s something much greater than us, our hearts desire tells us the only thing that’s important is us, from life’s first cry to our final resting position, its a constant jockey for significance and attention, and as we chase the grim ripper with his diamond covered sickle or send our brothers to meet him with vanity’s pistol it’s clear that we are craving life yet misdirected. Trapped in this snare of life, who can save us from this dastardy device, give us purpose as we crawl and we fight, this cant be it, i am sure there is more, show us a life worth dying for.


#inspired by Derek minor: A life worth dying for#


I AM #DAPPERGENT# continued (The #dappergent# series pt 1)

Suddenly, the virulent thoughts started coming in, emanating from the dark corners of the mind, the site saddled with the responsibility of fulfilling all unrighteousness. C’mon you know it yourself a navy blue double brested suit looks better, whats with the black pocket square, you’ll definitely appear like an clown with the pink lapel pin, don’t tell me ure an imbecile because youre not. These thoughts instantly crippled me, like the victim of a scorpion sting. What can i do now? Who is really in charge? Do i really have control over myself ?
These constant Forward and backward contest debilitate my mind, holding me hostage between foes i am unaware off. After all it takes nothing to join the crowd and everything to stand alone, where do i go from here? To the left where nothing is right or to the right where everything is left. All struggles, all burdens chasing me down and clinching every opportunity to get to my destination: perfection! The quest for #dappergent# was simply perfection.

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I AM #DAPPERGENT# (The dappergent series pt 1)

I am #dappergent# and these are my struggles. From the first minute i wake up, the questions emanating from my lightning fast mind were these. Brogues,oxfords or monkstraps? After all #dappergent# can’t be dressed in cheap shoes. Soon my thinking was simply carried away by the allure of the grey suit i am to adorn myself with today. Oh! Accesorized with the beauty of the black tie clip, the beast in the form of the ever dope white crisp poka dot shirt, the white vintage bloom floral tie, never forgetting the gorgeous pink lapel pin, oh yes, Also my black pocket square should also be noticed. After all, #dappergent#’s favorite colour is black. “What a day I’m about to have” exclaimed #dappergent#.
Soon i was reminded by my alter ego that this time it had to be the micheal kors time piece, only for me to find myself reaching for my “billion” grip cognac brown smart wallet. “Its time to slay” #dappergent# said.

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