Dark light

Let me tell you about my friend. He’s my oldest and most consistent friend. I admit our friendship isn’t conventional but to be honest, whose is? Every friendship has its strengths and weaknesses. But before you judge our relationship, let me tell you why I think he’s such a good friend.

He knows me. He knows who I am and where I live. He knows what I’m thinking at all times. When I’m happy and life finally seems tk make sense, he knows and that’s his cue. He comes in because he has a key and taints my euphoria with somberness.
When I feel loneliness, he comes to comfort me and we become lonely together

Sometimes, When I fail, he assures me that this isn’t the last time. It’s needless to cry now. So I pick myself up and save my tears for bigger grander failures. Other times, he cries with me and we mourn our loss together. After all what’s mine is his.

When I’m happy, he celebrated with me and relishes the experience. Only before he shuts it all down and reminds me that it’s a hostile world and being early all he time never helped anyone

And like every friendship, I don’t always listen to him. Sometimes, he brings his innocently pessimistic perspective to the table and I decline. I stick to with guts. He doesn’t like when I do that, but he’s my friend. He can’t stay mad forever.

I once had a friend who had no regard for my space. we didnt He along very well. the friendship didn’t last for too long either. he came in whenever and however. Regret and I were never meant to be friends. He on the other hand respects my space. When I go to my happy place, that place where all my worries cannot get to, he keeps away. Everyone needs a personal space. But like any good friend, he’s outside the door waiting for me when I get out.

I admit ours isn’t a model friendship. It probably isn’t the healthiest either. But I need him. Just like he needs me. You need him too. We all need a little dark light on our life. He is dark light and he is my friend.


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