I often wonder about old people

I often wonder about old people. The people have seen it all. Their elderly sunken eyes have witnessed all that life has to offer. They have felt the ecstasy of love and the consumption of hate. They’ve seen the pleasure of joy and the gloom of sorrow. They’ve wielded the power of money and endured the impotence of lack. They witnessed the brilliance of ingenuity and the pitiful nature of stupidity. They’ve seen it all, and no doubt gathered a shit load of experience in the process. They are probably the wisest people on earth.
Which begs the question: Why do old people act like old people?!. You know what I mean.
  • They use outdated accessories
  • They do things at an excruciating slow pace
  • They tell you stories you dont want to hear
  • They give you unsolicited advice
  • They assume they are never wrong
  • They never willingly embrace change.
  • They insist on doing things on their own even when it’s clear it’s the wrong way.
I’m not saying all old people are like this. But a good chunk of them are. I have the utmost regard for the elderly. I think they are wise and deserving of respect. That said, you can’t but wonder why someone so wise would do something so seemingly dumb.
Maybe they do it on purpose. Maybe Everytime she uses the old outdated purse, it’s because it easier to carry and has better room. Maybe everytime he insists he doesn’t want a computer is because he can live without one. Maybe to him, social media is just a waste of time. Maybe everytime she insists on things being done his way, it’s because she’s been down that road before and she knows how it ends. Maybe he knows you have a lesson to learn about the time he lost his shoe lace. And so he makes you listen. Maybe. Maybe they move slowly on purpose because of some deep profound reason I can’t possibly fathom. Or maybe they do it all because old age is boring and the “shoot me now” face we make is hilarious. Maybe they things slowly because it’s entertaining to watch us squirm and cave into doing everything for them. Who knows? Or there could be another perspective to the elder-youth relationship that we just can’t see from this side of the aging spectrum. I really can’t say. Well I guess we’ll find out in a couple of  decades when we become the old people.

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