The stranger (pt 2)

“What issue!” I say furiously.
“Ibhave no idea what you’re talking about. You just showed up here uninvited, going around touching everything and speaking cryptic words. What are you talking about? Why are you even here?
“Calm down. You called me. You don’t remember? Well let me refresh your memory. You realized you haven’t written anything in a while and that disturbed you because you think you might have some talent in that area. Which led you to thinking that you might be wasting your gift. And that’s why I’m here. So tell me. Ate you wasting your gift?
All that may be true but I’m pretty sure I didn’t invite this guy here.
“I don’t know. Do you think writing is my gift?
“If you don’t know, how should I know? All I know is one or two people like your stuff which means you’re not that bad”
“I guess. But it can’t possibly be my gift. Right”
“I don’t know about that. But don’t you think you should at least try to write a bit more?” He says as he rises and walks towards me.
“Maybe. But writing is such work”.
“I know. It’s tedious. It doesn’t have to be good though. A scribble here and there should quite the voices.
“It could. I said put down the guitar!” The nerve on this guy. Touching everything.
“Okay okay. It’s not even tuned. Anyway, I believe we are done here. I’m leaving”. He got up and headed towards me until he walked right through me and didn’t come out on the other side.


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