The stranger (Pt 1)

“So do you think its true?”
“I’m not sure. I think it is” I said to the dude standing in front of me. He looked just like me
“This is a nice vase. Looks durable. Where’d you get it?” He says as he picks up a vase the shelf in the corner.
“I can’t remember. I think it’s from when I fell down the stairs”. Who is this guy walking around my mind. And why is he touching my stuff?
“I think it’s true. It certainly makes sense. Plus it must be. The facts agree with it” putting down the vase and walking towards the center of the room
“I guess. Hey put that down!” I say to him as he picks up my favorite item in the whole room.
“Hey relax. I’m not going to break it. Besides, it’s you can play”
He wasn’t lying. The guitar merely represented my love for music.
“Focus. You need to figure this out. Isn’t that why I’m here?”
“Figure what out?” I say to him as I rise quickly from my seat to stop him from picking up her picture. How did he find it?
“You know what. Whether or not you are wasting your gift” He hadn’t said gift before I picked up the picture. Good thing too. He might have seen whose it was.
“I already know who it is” He says as he turns towards my seat. Who is this guy anyway?
“Hey thats my seat”
“I don’t think you’re focused in the issue at hand here. And quite frankly, you’re wasting my time. We have better things to do”. He’s now comfortably seated in my arm chair. This dude has no boundaries.



I divided it because I think long posts are simply tedious to read. If you like it, continue here


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