It’s been too long!

Its been too long since I came here. I don’t o ow for sure why but I have a couple of guesses.
It may be because blogging is new to me and I don’t like committing to new things. Anything can happen you know? I could get busy. Or I could lose motivation to write. I like to ride things out and make sure they are here to stay
It could also be that my writing freaks me out. I can’t explain it. I just don’t like reading the things I wrote. Makes me feel wierd. maybe it’s because still can’t believe people like what I write. It’s still bizarre to me
I could also be because I’m lazy. I don’t like much work and sometimes I think sitting down to conjure an abstract concept and then inscribing said concept on paper is exhausting. I don’t know.
Don’t be surprised if all my given reasons seem unreasonable to you. I’m really not that normal. Everybody o know has pointed out one feature or another about me that makes me wierd. It’s all good. Anyway, I’m sorry if you’ve missed my words (which I doubt). I’ll try to sift through my problems and figure out why I’m not writing more. Should be fun. My latest post is about me trying to do just that. It’s longer than what I usually wrote though. Check it out. Or don’t. It’s all good 🙂


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