They were us

I read a story today, and it reminded me of you. It was about a man and a woman who feel in love with each other. I saw us in the movie. The woman was every bit as beautiful as you are. She had a brilliant mind and charming smile. Just like you. She was in love with the man and did not hesitate to let him know. Just like you. The story mirrored us perfectly. They were us.
The man was simple and sophisticated, a bit like me. He knew he did not deserve her but didnt did not let that stop him he gave his love to get anyway. Just like me.
They’d talk for hours on end and laugh at the silliest things. Just like us. They were us.
The story ended with them getting married and starting a beautiful family, working out their differences and they aged. They loved and stood by each other until the end, unlike us.
They were us, in everyway except for the way their story ended.


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