Fight question with question

I often ask myself the silliest questions.
I ask why the butterfly’s wing isn’t shaped like a coin.
It would certainly look cooler
I ask why the sun isn’t blue instead of red.
I think blue would look good on the world
I ask why dogs and cats can’t be friends
I ask why we don’t brush our teeth with detergent.
I ask all these bizarre questions because I’m trying to escape my mind’s own questions
I can’t answer questions that truly matter so I ask trivial and unnecessary ones
I can’t answer questions like “why are some things so difficult” and “will it ever get better!”
I don’t know if I’ll ever be like everybody else so I ask why watermelons aren’t square
I don’t know what tomorrow holds and it kills me. So, I’d rather ask why “tsunami” sounds so strange. “Tswoonahmee”
I’d rather answer these questions because the answer doesn’t matter.
My sanity and the direction of my life doesn’t lean on their correct answers
So, can you tell me why the butterfly doesn’t have circular wings? Sure would be cooler wouldn’t it.


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