Behold the red flower

Behold the red flower. Gaze upon its beauty as it dances on its stalk. It moves and grooves to the music of the wind, amusing a that gaze upon it .

Behold the red flower and it’s red glow. Its luminous presence is slave to none. Neither night nor day. It’s beautiful light shines as it wills, providing warmth and comfort to all that draws near it.

Behold the red flower and it’s destruction. Its shapeless form spreads to and consumes everything it touches. None is immune to its influence. Neither plant nor animal nor the living nor the dead. consumes. It engulfs all leaving nothing but ash and smoke behind.

Behold the red flower and it’s arch enemy. Her free spirit flows in all directions filling her host with herself. Only her has the power to halt the rampage of the red flower. As light is to darkness so is she to the flower.

Behold the red flower and it’s master. One who claims to have contained the spirit of the red flower cannot be trusted. The red flower is proud and submits to no one. It cannot be tamed. It has no master. Any who claim to have control over it will surely be consumed by it.

Behold the red flower. Behold it’s beauty and majesty. Behold is warmth and light. Behold its destruction and desolation. Behold its bane and nemesis. Behold its slave and captive. Behold the red flower.
I watched the movie “The jungle book” and it inspired me to write on the red flower. It’s what the jungle animals call fire. Cool right?

8 thoughts on “Behold the red flower

  1. I’m not a poet but I love a good poem and a book as I did study English literature.. I love how your poem is structured, how it builds.. when I look at fire it’s just flames and unbearable heat but you’ve looked at from a different perspective and that’s the beauty of this poem love it


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