I am stub-born

I am stubborn
I am resilient
I don’t quit
I don’t give up
Opposing me only makes me stronger
Telling me “no” only makes me want it more
You can’t stop me
It’s who I am
I am not stubborn because I am strong
I am stubborn I am too weak to quit
I can’t handle the shame.
The humiliation that accompanies surrender
I am not brave. I am a coward. Running from defeat
So I became strong
I cannot lose
I will never stop
I will never quit



3 thoughts on “I am stub-born

  1. Boom! I love this, and like how you’ve turned stubbornness on it’s head-as being more about the avoidance of humiliation and shame, rather than strength. That’s an interesting take on it and whatever drives your stubbornness I like it! I am stubborn too 😉❤

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