The way forward: I can’t see

I’m walking down a dark tunnel. I didn’t choose to come here. What were my other options? Stay where i was a and watch life pass me by? I don’t think so. So I got up and started walking. Didn’t know where I was headed but I knew it would at least new more exciting than where I was. The road was windy and rough but j kept going. In retrospect, maybe next time I won’t follow a ride that led to an unknown destination. No. I’d probably do it again. The road ended and a tunnel began. Wasn’t too late to turn back. After all back there, the floor was smooth and I knew exactly where everything was. No! I’ll keep going. I never liked that place anyway. The tunnel isn’t any smoother than the road before. I should know. I’m not wearing any shoes. I left them behind. I never liked them anyway. They were old and worn out. And they held to many uneventful memories. I hope I’ll find a new pair of shoes at the end of this tunnel. I certainly hope so. The tunnel is growing dimmer. I don’t like that. Uncertainty I can handle. Darkness is something else entirely. The light never went out back there. Then again, there wasn’t much to look at. Nothing ever changed. I suppose new darkness is better than old light. Or maybe I’m wrong. I can barely see now. My foot steps are getting louder. Or is my hearing growing sharper. I don’t know. There wasn’t much to hear back there anyway. Just the same voices saying the same things over and over again. It was maddening. I’m better off here. At least i can hear something different. The sound of my aching feet as theu beat against the unforgiving ground. I can’t see!


3 thoughts on “The way forward: I can’t see

  1. Those voices in our head are speaking loud and clear in this post… The fear of the unknown tempting us to stay fixed where so many of us run back to. It takes courage and bravery to keep going down the ‘dark tunnel’ – hopefully there is light at the end! x

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