If we were me By Obatayo Funke

If we were me, we would love our friends and won’t want to be far from them but if they are far from us, we won’t be bored/lonely. Even if they are not there to play the ludo, chess or scrabble with us, we would play all by ourselves, our right hands will be player 1, our left hands will be player 2. IFWEWEREJUSTME, we would be happy for no reason, things will rarely bother us, even if we have a reason to be sad, we would plug our ears and bury our minds into excellent songs till our sorrow fade away. BUTIFWEWEREME we could be weird, we could go cracker, do some crazy stuffs in a bid to find a voice and then we would leave people wondering why we’ve gone madder. But really, we aren’t mad! we only wanna be the me we really wanna be.


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