I’m in Nigeria (Morning Devotion) By Gwin

“Good morning Jesus, Good morning Lord
I know you come from heaven above…”
It was a familiar song
From a familiar voice
I’d heard it a hundred times before
The morning call to prayers
And that song was almost always the first sound you’d hear
It was just loud enough to disrupt my sweet dream

I got up… grumpily
Then trudged lazily to the sitting room
My eyes still foggy with sleep
My brain still clogged… or was it?
Lo, the sitting room was empty
I could still hear the devotional songs
Perhaps the whole family had gathered in another room

There I sat, in the sitting room
Clapping, clapping, clapping
Then it hit me!
Oh my! Oh my!
I was still asleep, still dreaming, on my bed!

The song was real
The devotion was real
But my responses were all taking place in my dream
Then I realized
I’d woken up from one dream, into another
By the time I was fully awake
Family devotion was over =^>


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