I’m in Nigeria (Up early by Love Whiteman)

It’s just 6:00am? No, this isn’t normal, this is absolutely wrong. I’ve always been the ‘late to rise’ kind of person either I went to bed early or not, except something more important than my sleep has to wake me up.  I just slept around 2:30am, so why am I awake so early?
Then I started thinking; did I have a terrible dream, err…..the last thing I can remember from that dream was me being at a party waiting to be served and I think that should have made me wait longer in the ‘dream land’. Is there anything exciting about today? Well, none that I can think of apart from the fact that it is just another Saturday with no lectures which is another good reason for me to still be in bed, sleeping.
Why has sleep left me stranded at this time of the morning? Or am I bothered about something? I am not done with chapter two of my project and that isn’t enough reason for me to be awake by this time, it isn’t the deadline yet.
Buzz, my phone vibrated. It’s my classmates again, what are these people discussing on the group page at this time of the morning? It’s just 7am for God’s sake. I decided to go through my chats hoping I’ll still find my sleep, my heart skipped three beats when I saw……”lecturer is around”.
Oh, shit! It’s the 7am class……..wait, today is Friday?

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