Profound by Gwin

It’s just a word. Wrong! It is the word. My word for today. Few adjectives have such ability to convey the depth or gravity of what it describes. When you hear this word in statement, keep in mind that the speaker’s intentions are clear, to add weight to its subject.
‘I am profoundly in love with you.’ You get the idea… I think. I could have said ‘deeply in love…’ and still be just as sincere, but the word ‘profoundly’ is aimed to give this verbal expression a certain texture, one that conveys the depth of my emotions… a subliminal cry of agony and longing if you may.
Profound… call it an amplifier of sorts. The word-steroid if you want to sound sinister. Yet I was right about earlier, it’s just a word.
Did anything I just wrote make any sense to you? If yes, nice. If no, trust me, I don’t either.
So much for writing about a word. *Shake my head*


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