I crave ….. Nothing

I’ve never been one of the exceptional ones. Wasn’t the fastest runner, nor the smartest kid in class. Never been the favorite son, nor the fondest simbling. Never been the tallest or the most good looking. I’ve never even been the smoothest lady’s man.
There’s only one thing that I really crave. It’s just one thing. A singular desire of mine. But it’s buried very deep in my heart and I’m not ready to dig it up and bare it to you. So let’s assume it doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t exist, then I crave nothing.
There are many things I want but nothing I really crave. I am content with where I am. The pace of my existence pleases me. There really isn’t one thing I can think of that I crave. I want many things but I crave nothing. Save that singular, burning, soul wrenching, desire.
In response to the daily prompt “craving

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