I’M IN NIGERIA (Early Darkness)

“Tomorrow is a big day. I’d better start early. 5’o clock should do”. DING DING DING!!! *Yawn* Time to wake up. Wait! What’s going on??? My eyes won’t open. Or have I gone blind? I can’t see anything. Oh wait. That’s right. I’m not blind. I’m just in Nigeria. There’s no light. Great. Now I have to find my way to the table in the dinning room. I think I left the torch light there.
*Thud* goes the stool. I just knocked it over. Ah I’ll pick it up later.
*Bang* Ah great. Another bump on my already pimple riddled forehead. Stupid wall.
*Stub* Ow! Oww! Owwww!!!! My toe! On the bright side, the pain isn’t for nothing. I found the table. Now to get that torch.
Time to play my least favorite game. “What does it feel like”.
It’s soft and enclosed in thin nylon. That’s a loaf of bread. My breakfast.
It’s broad and made of cotton. Great! I just found the napkin. Not what I was looking for but hey at least it’s here.
Slender, long and…. wax nope that’s the candle. I need the tor…..oh found it. But I won’t need it after all. Why? Because I’m in Nigeria. The lights back on.

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