I’m sorry
I’m sorry I can’t keep going
I never liked too much consistency .
Where I’m from, we take breaks every now and then.
My momma once told me that too much work is bad for me
She was right
I can’t do it everyday
I’m going to need some breaks
I can work today but I must take tomorrow off
I’m sorry
I know you thought I could. I thought I could too
But it doesn’t sit well with me
I don’t like working everyday.
I need time off.
I’m sorry if that offends you
It’s not my fault
Momma shouldn’t have told me to take breaks
But she did
Now, when I work three days straight, I think to myself
“Yeesh I’m I gonna do this everyday? A day’s task is challenging enough as it is”
I’m sorry
My mind never spoke poetry to itself
Thinking about the words to say to myself just seems redundant
Don’t blame me
Blame papa
Papa told me never to sugar coat my thoughts
Said they’d be clearer and that I’d feel better
Papa was right
But papa’s advice has backfired here
I’m sorry papa
But it’s not papa’s fault
Papa never thought I’d be apologising to you
Not in my mind anyway
I’m sorry
But I can’t do this everyday
I hope you understand.
As fun as these daily challenges are, I can’t take them everyday. Composing something meaningful takes me a while. U noticed I haven’t written what I felt like writing about in a while. I’ve been too busy Looking for inspiration for the word prompt. I will continue to participate, definitely but not as consistently as you might expect. I’m so sorry WordPress. 😔 I feel like I just told my girlfriend I needed space. 😂
In response to the daily prompt (Apology)

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