I think that I’m a practical joke on humanity. And I think I was specifically designed to be different. God must have thought it funny to create a different kinda human. One that talked and thought different. A maverick. He wouldn’t reason like everyone else. His behavior would be unique. Creating me must have appealed to his sense of humour. Then again keeping the universe in order sounds pretty intense. Making sure all of existence doesn’t spiral out of control . Consoling Pluto. Telling him he’s not an asteroid. That he’s a different kind of planet. Keeping the sun’s temper in check lest he kills us all in a fiery ball of anger. Stoping Uranus from stealing Saturn’s rings. Must be a tough job. No wonder he made me. He doesn’t have to worry about me abiding by the rules. I have no rules. I imagine he chuckles every time some one calls me wierd. Hahaha the joke’s on you. He made me that way. I’m not weird. I’m just a practical joke.


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