If We Were Me

Another insiring #ifwewereme by “Look, Dahling“. 😉

Look, Dahling...

If we were me, we would cut our toenails

as needed and not a week later.

This would be considered common curtesy.

We would prize efficiency above fury.

If we were me, we would all carry old hearts,

quietly, inside ourselves– ancestors, lovers, mentors–

to remind us who we want to be.

If we were me, there would be more sarcasm, dark humor, and head shaking.

Hyperbolic enthusiasm for that which is standard would be considered poor manners.

Reluctance would win over revelation, for the protection of the innocent.

There would be much less talking and much more writing.

If we were me,”okay” would be said too often.

Nothing would be said, also too often.

If we were me, we would wish to fight our battles for justice soberly,

in ways that honor our dignity and the dignity of our neighbors.

If we were me, about half our thoughts would be critical of society,


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