Her dramatic flaw

Tell me about her
“Oh she was so beautiful. Most charming lady I ever met. A contagious and charming smile and a voice as smooth as silk. Everybody was into her. They had to have her. And why not? She was amazing. Pretty and smart! The whole package. Up until that moment, I didn’t think perfection existed. Until I met her. God she was beautiful. Although if you ask me now if there’s such a thing as ‘perfect’, my answer would be…. ‘No! Hell No!’ Because let me tell you. Although he was pretty, her good looks were matched only by her melodrama. Her mood swung like a pendulum on nitro. One minute she’s happy and the next, she’s crying a river. Filling everywhere with cryptic tears. Nobody ever understood why. Nothing ever pleased her. The sun was always too bright. The kettle a little too round. The pot not round enough. All her dresses had one flaw or the other. She was impossible to please”
Soย what happened ?
“What do you think happened? I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to say something even though I knew she would probably erupt and blow it out of proportion. When I told her how I felt about her behavior, all she says was ‘oh okay. That’s fine’. I thought the conversation went rather well considering. She was gone the next morning. Along with her oddly shaped cooking utensils and flawed dresses. I never heard from her again. She probably rode into the unusually bright sunset with someone more tolerant. A girl like that cannot be single for long. I guess it was for the best anyway. She was a bit too melodramatic for my taste”.
This word prompt (dramatic) was particularly tricky. Had to find “unusual” inspiration ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

11 thoughts on “Her dramatic flaw

  1. I love your writing and I am glad I found you on WP. You’ve got a good energy about you and I like your mind. PS. That dramatic girl you describe sounds just like me when I was younger! Haha

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