It corrupted me. I wasn’t always like this. I didn’t always think I was more important than most. My speech wasn’t always so haughty. My posture want always intimidating. I was normal onxe. Like everybody else. I talked normally and walked like all you common people. I was ordinary once upon a time. That was before I did it. Before I had this million dollar idea. I woke up like you common folk. Groomed myself. Even had to make my own breakfast. That was a long time ago tho. My parents weren’t much. They didn’t have much, they didn’t do much with their lives. I can’t remember what they did. Who can? It was insignificant. Admiration changes you, you see. Changes your perspective. All it takes is one extraordinary feat. I achieved that feat. It changed everything. Made everyone’s lifr better. And so began the Cascades of events that would change my life forever. At first it was a “great job” and then “you are a genius” followed quickly by “what would we do without you”. Before I know it, I was in to of the world. And why shouldnt I be? It was my idea after all. I did that. Me! All by myself. I deserve all that’s coming to me. I am great! The world would be doomed without me! It’s all me!
I want always like this. I used to be humble once. I didn’t always think I was more important than most. Their admiration made me this way. Made me into this egotistical self loving narcissist. Their admiration corrupted me. It’s their fault

In response to the daily prompt. Admire



  1. This is an interesting take on this, self admiration, rather than other admiration. It’s thought provoking, and I “admire” your honesty. I was raised by a truly narcissistic Dad who used to wax lyrical about how supposedly amazing I was and how I was a special one, in the top one percent of society apparently. Yes he did really say that!!! That level of misplaced admiration was not healthy for me. It can be corrupting, very much so. Lovin’ your work ❤

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