If we were me compilation (2)

  • If we were me, we could listen to each other’s story as keenly as we tell our stories to others. We could sit  all the day long on a boulder beside a brook and praise the wonders the nature made for us. We could spare some time at least to talk to ourselves and introspect.  – Shaijia chaurasia
  • Nobody will have two wives, and every man will love their woman like their life. On second thoughts, the population of women exceeds men, so many women will be unmarried. Thank God we were not all me. – Philip abolanle
  • There’s never going to be hullabaloo. In others, faults are gonna be hard to see. Love is gonna be all around…   – Faleke Glory Adebayo
  • We’d always care for the less privileged who has nothing to payback…  Blessed Darlington
  • No one can be like me, absolutely no one.  –  Femi Olujobi
  • We wouldn’t hate on each other and also not tight the world to our chest *in Frank Donga’s voice*  – Salami Oluwatobi
  • Then the world will be a canvas and my fingers the brushes,splashing colours everywhere,design will be our only manna. –   Oluwatosin olonite
  • There won’t be discrimination between THE SHORT and THE TAll, because everybody will be of the same height.   Adebayo Owanike
  • We’d apologize to anyone we’d hurt… – Oseghale jullita
  • If we were me, we would be in love so much that hate doesnt exist irreapective of our gender,race,colour and sexual orientation. If we were me, the devil would be soo bored since he has no one to torment,opress,take advantage of and make a scape goat. If we were me, we would all laugh at our jokes, help the less priviledged and make sure every secondary school child geets one meal per day. We would all love leo messi because i would be him. – Adë
  • If we were me, the world would be AWESOME. We’d only be serious enough to get the task done. We’d only take goofy selfies and good looks would have no meaning. We’d all be equally good looking and it would lose its meaning. 6ft would be average height and “weird” would be normal. If we were me, there’d be no fear, no limits and no intimidation. We’d encourage each other about our potential and about faith in Christ. – Daleom
  • If we were me, the entire world would be so amazing, we’ll take pictures and have massive fun, there’ll be no chickens alive because we’ll eat em all. Football would not exist because we would think its unnecessary. And video blogs would rule the world. We’ll watch cartoons all day and run movie writers out of business. Our life would be a totally amazing big ball of explosive amazing wonderful fun. – Miss Chicken


The pic was “stolen” by the way. As you can see from the watermark😊


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