If we were me By Akintemi Emmanuel Olufemi

Everyone has different ideas of what the world would be like if everyone were like them. Here’s my perspective on this subject. Mind you, this only and explanation of my perspective. I don’t expect everyone to buy my idea about life because truth be told, not everyone can be like me. Obviously there’s no hundred percent possibility for everyone to be the same way, but here is how the world would be like if everyone were me. Enjoy!
If we were me, we would be melancholy  – introverts, intelligent, shy and productive.

Dr. Tim LaHaye said: “Actually, they are the richest of all temperaments; for they are the analytical, self-sacrificing, gifted and perfectionist type, with a very sensitive emotional nature. As a general rule, no other temperament has a higher IQ or more creative than a melancholy, and no one else is as capable of such high-quality ‘perfect’ work”.

Now imagine how wonderful life would be if everyone had such attributes. That means there’ll be no outgoing, noisy and lousy extroverts; everyone would be calm, creative, very talented and less troublesome. Therefore, if everyone were me, there would be just little or no need for courts and prisons, because melancholies are faithful friends without difficulty obeying the law. Even when we are offended, unlike the sanguines and cholerics, who will burst into anger, we will rather take it with equanimity.

If were me, we would all be strict with our values and remain unbendable with the truth. In our present age, the truth is not being held in high esteem; but I choose to stand out. If every trader were me, then all buyers are sure to buy the right quantities at the right prices. If every teacher and head of every educational organization were me, then there would be fairness in both admitting and grading every student. If every law enforcing agents (like lawyers, judges, policemen and custom officers) were me, then there would be plainness and fair justice for all. The guilty would be declared guilty and the innocent would be discharged and acquitted. If every politician were me, then every single manifesto would be fulfilled with no iota of deceit. If everyone stands by the truth, there would be nothing like corruption or fraud. If everyone were me, we would all be people of integrity, virtue and moral principles, with complete absence of depravity, wickedness and bribery. If every single person in the world were like this, then obviously, the world would be a “fraud-free” place.

More so, if we were me, we would all hate the state of ignorance and obliviousness. I’m a proud seeker of knowledge and information. To be uninformed is to be deformed. Ignorance is one of the greatest problems of the world. I always love to seek knowledge and gain understanding in every area of life. I hate to be unaware of important facts about life in general. If all youths were me, no one would embark on any project without being well informed and prepared for it. That means no youth would go into illicit relationships unprepared. Many youths don’t know jack about love, yet they rush into relationships that would go haywire in a short time. They haven’t read books about marriage, and they aren’t emotionally and financially mature for it. Little wonder they fail after several attempts and this affects their productivity in other areas. Personally, I’m a voracious reader; I love to gain knowledge from books and seek counsel from mentors. Therefore if everyone were me, we would all be informed; thereby combating every form of ignorance.
Furthermore, if we were me, we would all be possessed with the spirit of diligence and hard work. As a person, I hate laziness and idleness; rather I always love to be busy developing myself. Unfortunately, the world is full of idle, lazy and jobless people who expect jobs to come looking for them. Graduates sit at home waiting for big companies to employ them when they could startup something small before getting a “white-collar job”. Students sleep all night and expect to have A’s in all their subjects in school. If everyone were me, this would not be.
For instance, my school was recently shut down due to some misunderstanding in the administrative unit. We have been home for about four months now. If we ask all students what they have gained or achieved during these past four months, we may hardly see 40% who would say something worthwhile. Most students just eat, sleep and watch movies. Is that how we would become leaders of tomorrow? As for me, though my parents wouldn’t allow me go out to explore the world now, I had to stay at home; but at that, I still sought means to add value to my life. I got PDF books from the internet on agriculture (my course of study), on graphic designing, marriage and some spiritual books. I even got a new guitar (I’ve always wanted to learn to play the acoustic guitar), and by watching and practicing along with some online videos I got on Youtube, I could do a whole lot on my guitar within the space of one month.
If everyone were diligent and busy, there would be no beggars on the street. Though there would be time for relaxation and fun, but no one would spend ample time doing nothing. Therefore if everyone were me, there would be no single jobless individual on earth. With that, won’t the world be a great place to stay?
In addition, there’s this short point I’ll like to add which will serve as my penultimate point.
If we were me, we would all live right. I live life as a place of reward where all deeds would be rewarded; either good or bad. Most people live life as though no one cares about the decisions they make. Most people engage in several inhuman activities, thinking that they would go away with it. If everyone were me, there would be no kidnappers, armed robbers, internet fraudsters and hire-killers; because everyone would long to do right. If these people were me, they would see a future heaven where punishments await them; they’ll stop and start doing something worthwhile.
Finally, if everyone were me, we would one way or the other be agriculturists. I know that sounds crazy and ridiculous, but believe me, its possible for everyone to be agriculturists without interfering with our various careers. I so much cherish what we eat; so I put in efforts to make feeding for people easier by practicing peasant agriculture which is the surest means of providing food. Food scarcity would reduce if everyone has his “small farm”; global warming would also decline. If all presidents were me, agriculture would be one of my top priorities, because it would increase food availability and elevate the country’s economy through foreign exchange. Therefore there would be nothing like famine or recession.
Imagine how beautiful the world would be if there are trees and plants all around! The world would surely be a beautiful place.
Conclusively, if everyone were me – melancholic, strict with the truth, seeker of knowledge, possessed with the spirit of diligence, living right, and “mini-agriculturists”, the world would be a great place to be. There would be fewer problems, more productivity, better relationship with fellow countrymen, and most importantly, a better future in the afterworld. Thank you


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