If we were me: Abolanle Philip, Olatoye Seun

If we were me, Even in the worst conditions, we would still create some humour and find ways of laughing off the stress and sorrows.
We will be serious with our work yet life will not be boring for anyone.
We will all find ways to make other people smile or even laugh out loud with our words
There will be no parties for weekends. Nobody will have time to be doing “owambe”. No night parties or disco clubs will exist in the world at all.
And the few ceremonies that will hold will be relatively quiet. There will be no loud musics or blaring loudspeakers. Food will be served under peaceful and serene atmospheres.
I know some people are already thanking God they are not me
The world may not be full of big buildings, mansions, etc. There may not be many monuments and “unnecessary” buildings like OAU new Senate building. 
However, there will be food everywhere. Believe me, it will be very scarce to have hungry people in the world.
People may not be wearing expensive dresses or living in magnificent houses, but they will be well fed.
Men will stay a lot at home with their wife and kids than going out to keep purposeless company with non-visionary friends. 
Children will learn scriptural and life principles directly from their parents. 
Men will be actively involved in kitchen activities, in fact, women will rest and watch tv on some occasions while the man cooks.
Both male and female children will learn how to cook.
Believe me, children will enjoy being at home                               -Abolanle Philip
If we were me, we’d all be loners
we’d all be introverts
we’d all stay out of each others way only providing help when necessary
we’d all be hooked up in a room surrounded with cool music books and unlimited internet access
we’d learn to live our lives independent of love
we’d all learn to respect every human being understanding that it isn’t a form of weakness
we’d respect the intelligence of everyone, not taking advantage of the ignorant
people would be jailed for laying insults on others
we’d always try to understand
we’d love to travel around the would
we’d all be pragmatics
we’d all make a not so romantic partner but still end up being loved anyway
There’d be no religion or politics.. Just equity and equality
there’d no god, gods or God, no dual existence, no relativity.. Just Love.
                  –  Olatoye Oluwaseun Michael

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