Not me, my friend

It’s sooo beautiful. I hope u enjoy it 😊

a k o s i l e

You are calm, you are sane

You can retreat to your domain

Not me, my friend

I know a lot of things

But no idea where my head will rest tonight

You have a lover, she has a place

You can’t decide where you’ll make love at dawn

Not me, my friend

I have a room for  the damsel I love

It’s only in my heart and not a space

To consummate our affection

You have a mother, you have an address

A neighborhood that’s familiar to you

Not me, my friend

My family changes like the weather

My community tomorrow is where the chase is paused

You have a job, you have a wallet

When you don’t, you stand a chance

Not me, my friend

I make a career of running

Not on tracks if that’s your thinking

But from the long arms of the City

We will never stop illegal immigration until this…

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