I AM DAB MASTER SUPREME. I invented the Dab. I founded the school of Dab. I am the Vice Chancellor and Chancellor both. I am a master of the Dab arts. I teach several Dab courses in my school of Dab. I teach Dab 101 (The basics of the Dab) Dab 102 (Dabbing for beginners) Dab 204 (physical mechanics of Dabbing) Dab 206 (chemical mechanics of Dabbing) dab 207 (Dabbing: Spiritual and Emotional components) Dab 308 (the kinesiology of the Dab), Dab 417 (advanced Dabbing). I also singlehandedly teach the single most important post graduate Dab class (the art and science of the Dab: Dab master supreme’s technique). I am the greatest Dabber of all time. I don’t Dab with my arms alone. Only beginners do that. Dabbing is an art that involves your entire body. Every part of you must be in perfect sync to strike the ultimate Dab pose. Watch carefully. Be attentive and you might learn something and maybe one day , you can Dab like me. I am the Dabbest guy ever liveth. I wield weapons of Dab destruction. I am the Dabasaurus Rex. I am Christiano Dabbaldo. I am Dabbel Jordan. I am Dalbert Einstein. I am Dab jobs. I am Leonardo Dab Vinci. I am John D Dabberfeller. I am Barack O’Dabber. I am a master. I Dab. I am a Dabbing master. I am supreme. I am Dab master supreme.


I had so much fun making this. Writing it and then taking  pictures😹😹😹. Edited by Adë.



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