To be unstoppable is to be unrivaled. To be the principality in an area. If this is true, then I posit that you can’t be unstoppable in everything. Michael Jordan isn’t an unstoppable footballer. I don’t Albert Einstein could write beautiful poetry. I think you get to be unstoppable in one thing. One singular field that you can take on and feel on top of the world. Confident enough to take on everything that stands in your way. One thing. If this is true, then you must pick your unstoppable. Else it picks you. I think that if you don’t pick your unstoppable, then things pick you. Chess would have picked pachbel unstoppable if he didn’t write music. Dont try to stop people who have picked their unstoppable. Or their unstoppable will pick you. And defeat you. I think it’s okay to be stoppable in everything else. If dancing had stopped Mohammed Ali, I think he’d be okay with it. It wasn’t his unstoppable. I think you have to choose your unstoppable. Choose your unstoppable and BE UNSTOPPABLE!


I felt inspired to write another “unstoppable ” response to the word press daily prompt.




  1. I totally agree with you! One must choose one’s matter the people around them think or say…. Personal gratification is above all the things….
    Your unstoppable is that one thing that you’ll never leave even in the worst of times.

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