Do you remember the good old days when all we did was chase the wind? We weren’t really going anywhere. We were just in it for the thrill of the ride. All roads could get us to our destination. We had nothing else to do but laugh and play all day long. Those were the good old days. From the time we woke till the sun set when we would retire for the day, all we did was have fun. We would jest and mock adults and how they are so uptight. We would stay awake at night and promise each other to never grow up. We would stay young together. Best friends forever. Those days are gone now. Blown away with the wind. I think I broke our promise. I went and grew up. All I think about now is responsibility and mature behavior. Sometimes, I lie awake at night and think about us and how we used to be. I think about the fun we had. I hope one day we can relive the good old days. Maybe the wind will blow my way. Maybe it’ll bring back those days. I certainly hope so.

Wind in response to the daily prompt


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