You know when you get something awesome and it’s really one if the things you’ve wanted for a long time and you start wondering if it’ll last? I know the feeling. That’s what this blog is to me. I think that blog’s are a gift from God. People come to a space you created just to hear (or read) what you have to say. How awesome is that? You can share your opinion in a creative way and you’ll see wonderful responses. It’s incredible. And so I’m thinking “what if it doesn’t last. Erase if something terrible happens and my blog vanishes or something like that?” Now fear is terrible. You always experience what you dread the most. So I’ve decided. Even if some magical power is going to come and take this from me which is unlikely, I’ll ride it till the end. I will relish the thrill of writing and sharing my thoughts. I will milk the experience and ride it to its highest possible point. And if it nose dives from there, so be it. The captain always goes down with the ship. I’ll strap in and ride it all the way into the abyss. Into the belly of oblivion. I will pilot my vessel till it crumbles. I won’t run. I won’t flee. I’ll sit with it until it ends. I will witness it erupt as its gas tanks ignite and explode forming a mushroom cloud of pure awesomeness. I will go down with it in a wonderful blaze glory. And I will move on. I am now fearless. It’s possibly impending end no Longer scares me. I have witnessed it blow up. I have seen the blaze of glory. I’m cool now. Imma be alright.

PS this is a rant. I didn’t write it with any inspiration message in mind. Just expressing myself. 😊


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