IF WE WERE ME By Tobalase Akinyemi

If we were me…We would be peaceful and eccentric. We would not care so much for the physical company of each other yet share a sense of unity. We’be alone together. We’d hate the feeling of the sun against our skin and only step out of our houses in daytime once a week to remind ourselves what the outside world looks like. That world would be filled with less busy streets in the day and nobody would want or need to drive cars.
There would probably be driverless cars. We would not know how to ride bicycles. We’d roam the streets freely at night because there will be nothing to fear. Night will be day. We’d not be really choosy about what to eat and Garri in all its forms will be common but classy cuisine. We’d be stuck on internet-powered computers almost all day long and almost never see movies. We’d listen to apparently weird music sung in languages we can’t converse in. Movie scriptwriters would write books instead. We’d read each other’s blogs before we turn to snapchat to view those ephemeral snaps.
We’d write. We’d act tough and be icy on the outside.W e’d forget about the momentary ecstacies and focus on the whole of our lifetimes being meaningful. Not necessarily exciting, joyous or lovely but meaningful. We’d think pictures only serve to induce nostalgia and just avoid appearing in them. We’d not have to deal with the fact that silly people exist beacuse we’d be me. We’d not give a sashaying s**t about who’s Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist because we are all human. We might strongly consider being Buddhist at some point in our lives.
We’d not pass derogatory remarks just because we don’t understand/know what it is one of us is talking about. “It’s complicated/hard/difficult” would be an invalid statement because nothing is too hard to understand or figure out when you have time. We’d be scared to love head over heels for fear of being broken. We’d be black. We’d be free. We’d be stubborn. We’d love subtly yet passionately.NWe’d see and appreciate the art in everything there is. We’d be me.

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