• If we were me, We’ll be in a world where nothing… Absolutely nothing like Hate will exist  – Sam’FRrOSH
  • If we were me we’ll all b able to ignore negative vibes and act like they don’t exist – Adeniyi Ayomipo
  • If we were me,we’l laugh and play all day and never take our work serious – Miss jules
  • If we were me, people like Kim k would run out of business – Gwin
  • If we were me, we all will love leadership and it’s impact in humanity and polity. We’d all be Christians and we all will value relationships as everything rises and falls on relationships in life. – Tunji
  • If we were me, we’ll take pap nd okra soup for lunch -mudi 
  • If we were me, the world would be a place where we can all bare our minds and be honest with each other – Mabel
  • If we were me, we would all eat vegetable soup and bread in the morning – Adë
  • If we were me, the whole world would want to help each other, would be joyous, noisy and there won’t be decorum – Ronke Raji 
  • If we were me, we’d all be small but mighty – Joan
  • If we were me, pipu go like money – lollycrane
  • If we were me,we’ll always strife for a world close to perfection with  equal opportunities. – Topsy
  • If we were me, Life would be a huge pot of beans. Everyone would be happy, because we would find joy in the smallest things. The sun rising, the smell of food cooking. -Taire
  • If we were me, Love would always be the answer. -Ronke Odeyemi
  • If we were me,people wudnt kill for material things,people wouldn’t chase after wealth like it’s all that matters. And we’d apologize to anyone we’d hurt… – Miss jules
  • The  world will be light up with laughter and every one will be friends – Zhaligkeer
  • If we were me, then I’d be you and they’d be us – Daleom 
  • If we were me, we won’t do anything about trending hashtags like #ifwewereme – Praise
  • If we were me, the world wil b a better plc nd we wil all b equal no rich no poor cox our riches wil b shared equally bh we all gonna break one another’s head #anger ish. – Theressa 
  • If we were me, everyone wil mind his/her own business and dia wil nt b gossiping which wil make d world secretive -Temitope
  • To my own point of view, if everyone in this world were to be me, this world will be a better place to live. – samuel


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