WHY MUST I BE #DAPPERGENT#? (The dappergent series pt 2) by Adë

Don’t tell me u haven’t felt it! That indescribable feeling you get when ure talking to a lady and she’s totally under your control. The “Gauchais Reaction” finally taking it’s toll all over again. She’s totally spurned under your web of control that she doesnt realize who she is. All she experiences is your Genjutsu : her, floating in the atmosphere of the world you created, like a big magnet attracts little pieces. Now that I realize it, #dappergent# isn’t qfter perfection or the satisfaction of having her at the sole of his feet. He only lives for the moment. The thrills of the show. The highlights of the match. The exact moment he revolves around the world. I love #dappergent#. Who doesnt?


Another piece by Adë. This why writing is so awesome. Everybody has such different perspectives. And we all get to express that freely through writing.  It doesn’t get better than that.


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