Mehn what a day. The #ifwewereme got a lot of responses. I’ve been tweeting and retweeting and “Facebooking” and sharing all day. Check out the hashtags. Some great stuffs there. But don’t worry. All the responses will be posted here on emoulet later on. The real purpose of this post is to introduce a new writer to the mix. She goes by the name “Miss chicken”. Her choice. Now we have Daleom, Adë, and Miss chicken. This is exciting. As you can imagine, she brings a whole new perspective and style to the table. Seeing as emoulet just opened, we are still moving a lot of things around so overlook our blunders and stay tuned. Great stuffs are coming. But you can expect the abstract and thought provoking writings of Daloem, the swanky, sophisticated and classy scribbles of Adë and ……. well ur just going to have to come back to see what “Miss chicken” has got 😉. Thanks for reading. Stay inspired



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