I AM #DAPPERGENT# (The dappergent series pt 1)

I am #dappergent# and these are my struggles. From the first minute i wake up, the questions emanating from my lightning fast mind were these. Brogues,oxfords or monkstraps? After all #dappergent# can’t be dressed in cheap shoes. Soon my thinking was simply carried away by the allure of the grey suit i am to adorn myself with today. Oh! Accesorized with the beauty of the black tie clip, the beast in the form of the ever dope white crisp poka dot shirt, the white vintage bloom floral tie, never forgetting the gorgeous pink lapel pin, oh yes, Also my black pocket square should also be noticed. After all, #dappergent#’s favorite colour is black. “What a day I’m about to have” exclaimed #dappergent#.
Soon i was reminded by my alter ego that this time it had to be the micheal kors time piece, only for me to find myself reaching for my “billion” grip cognac brown smart wallet. “Its time to slay” #dappergent# said.

Continued here





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