Our secret

We will meet under the cover of night. Beneath the cloak of shadows. Obscured by darkness’ warm embrace. Beyond the realm of light and into a place where nothing can be seen. Where secrets go to vanish. There we will make our randevouz. There we will do it. Let’s hope that the heart of the lightless is enough to hide us and our undoing.

Secrets cannot be kept in the light. The light is what exposes. It glares down on everything in its gaze and reflects it for all to see. Light cannot help us. It cannot protect us from the consequences of our actions. We must seek the master of obscurity. The price of secrets. The Lord of the hidden. We must seek darkness if we wish to escape our spawn.
We have heard the stores told if your power. They say you are capable of helping us. We have a secret. No one can ever know. The revealing reach of light must never grasp it. We hear you can help us. So we have left the light and all that we hold dear and have come to you. To the shadowy and obscured lair of darkness. You must help us hide our secret

I originally intended this to be a three pieces but each piece turned out to short so I’ve joined them together. Enjoy


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