RANT: Writer’s block

Every once in a while I’m going to come here and rant. An unedited, umproofed rant. It’s my blog so I beleve I can😏. Let’s get started. So I have a lot of concepts in my head that I’d love to write about. But I’m scared that if I do that, I might run out of stuff to write about and suffer a writers block. And my blog will just sit in a corner of the word press universe collecting dust. And we don’t want that. Partly because then the people who doubted me will be like “we knew it. Now he’s out of ideas. He should have never opened the blog. Blah blah blah”. I’m not going to slow down tho. And I dont think I’ll run out of inspiration anytime soon. BECAUSE it’s God that inspires me. There I said it. 😁. And even of I do, inspiration finds everyone sooner or later. Bottom line, this blog isn’t going anywhere. 😝😝😝. But for now, enjoy my blizzare posts. See you at/on my next rant.



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