Beyond perfection

Nothing should be perfect? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. Everything exists for perfection. The universe was based on the premise that one day it would attain perfection. Man washed up everyday trying to attain it. Perfection is a part of life. It is a goal that must be achieved. A notch shy of perfection is a joke. Beyind perfection is the goal post. The end point of all existence. When perfection is attained, life doesn’t stop! It begins. When you attain perfection, you become whole. You arrive at a steady state. A place where time and space circuitry in perfect harmony. No chaos. Everything is perfectly predictable. Miscellaneous vanishes from the dictionary. Accidents are wiped from existence. Don’t shy from perfection. Chase it. Embrace it.


This is an argument between two individuals. One is for perfection and the other is against. They both yet try to get us to adopt their ethos. These are the words of the individual defending perfection. I’ll call him Proper. I hope you enjoyed it




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