A notch shy of perfection

A notch shy of perfection. That’s how it should be. Nothing should be perfect. Perfection means stagnancy. A perfect thing has no where to go. Declining it’s contrary to its ethos. Ascension is impossible. It has reached a climax. No where left to go. That is how a purposeless existence is defined. Perfection is the end of progress. Beauty is a notch shy of perfection. An improvement conpatible notch. An undotted I here and an uncrossed T there. That is true perfection. An imperfect work for imperfect individuals.


This is an argument between two individuals. One is for perfection and the other is against. They both yet try to get us to adopt their ethos. These are the words of the individual opposing perfection. I’ll call him Noper. I hope you enjoyed it


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